Serwah Attafuah

Exploring the stories of those who's cut from a different cloth.

A multidisciplinary artist, Serwah Attafuah first started exploring her creativity with punk rock music and painting. But as the latter became limiting, her interest turned to the digital. Captivated by the ability to break boundaries with 3D art, Serwah taught herself the skills that would see her catapult into a success that would position her as uniquely distinct from her creative peers.

"I think I was doing stuff that was so different to everybody I knew, I didn't really need to compare it to anybody else. It was more like, trying to compare myself to the person I'm going to be tomorrow."

By transforming her fear, anger and wrath "into something beautiful and positive," Serwah has been able to create art that is an exploration of the self, as captured in futuristic scenes that weave in contemporary themes, whilst still honouring her ancestry. This same art has been loved by many, allowing her to work with the likes of Nike, Charli XCX, GQ, and Mercedes Benz.

For more on Serwah and her artistic talent, watch the video above.


Director & Creative Director

Jerald Luya

Executive Producer & D.O.P

Mustafa Allawi


Omar Aziz


Aye Soe


Deniz Celik (Maxed Out Films)


Kenneth Zheng


Francis Sicat

Special thanks to

Celeste Sadeli (Design)

Sereen Omran

Tabby Gyde

Hanan Merheb

Baro Lee

Sebastian Reategui

Kaan Cansiz