Sereen Omran

Exploring the stories of those who's cut from a different cloth.

With her first TikTok video gaining over 2.5 million views and an Instagram following twelve thousand strong, Sereen Omran is a 21-year-old Palestinian Australian making waves in the creative industry. A musician, music producer, film director and writer, Sereen weaves in her identity as a young hijabi and channels her experiences into her work to inspire others like her and challenge what it means to be a Muslim woman.

"Being a Muslim woman doesn't limit you from doing certain actions. It's all choices, you make your own choice."

For Sereen, she made her choice back in high school. Encouraged by her music teacher to be the best she can be, Sereen has worked hard to push the boundaries and set her sights high. Ignoring the cynics who have tried to hold her back, she has steadily soared to new heights and produced work that is authentically her. Her recent productions include the short film Towel Head and her single, Honeybee.

You can follow along with Sereen's story by watching the video above.



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