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When Gerard Cabellon steps out onto his lino dance floor, everything changes."I come alive when I dance. I come alive when I battle."

A young Filipino hailing from Western Sydney, Gerard is passionate about his breakdancing. As he moves across the floor, exuding upbeat energy and showcasing his creativity and body-bending movements, it's easy to see how special this art form is for so many people and why crowds gather every time a dance-off begins.

Known by his stage name, B-Boy Kid Tek, Gerard lives and breathes breakdance. If he's not out with his boys dancing, he's teaching dance classes to others. Even outside of breakdance, the artform is always on his mind. As a budding filmmaker, Gerard has come to take inspiration from his work behind the camera, allowing it to find its way onto the dance floor.Keep up with Gerard's moves by following his story in the video above.



Omar Aziz

Executive Producer & D.O.P

Mustafa Allawi

Creative Director

Jerald Luya


Sebastian Reategui


Kenneth Zheng


Jerald Luya

Celestia Sadeli


Francis Sicat

Special thanks to

Aye Soe

Tabby Gyde

Hanan Merheb

Cristobal Olguin

Baro Lee

Kaan Cansiz